Facial Tone Improvements – Effective Exercises

Whilst it is possible to hid many of the signs of aging with clothes and other garments it is much more difficult to hide the signs of aging in the face. Naturally as we get older our faces begin to sag a little, causing hollow cheeks, turkey necks and wrinkles. Fortunately it is possible to improve facial tone through performing exercises, firming the muscles of the face. But how do you go about achieving that younger looking appearance.

Whether you are performing exercises manually or using a facial toning machine it is important to understand that exercise and diet are both important elements in maintaining a healthy face. Foods that are high fibre, full of antioxidants and low in fat will help keep your face healthy. Also, cardio vascular exercise will help you to stay in shape.

Water plays a massively important part in remaining healthy. It is a diuretic and helps you to stay hydrated, which in turn helps to burn fat. The usual advice is to intake around 8 cups a day.

Bags under your eyes are one of the clearest signs of age. To work these manually you should open your eyes wide, place your fingers on the lower eyelids and then try and shut your eyes. This is like lifting weights with your eyes.

Tightening the chin is an important exercise; double chins are rarely a good look so it is important to firm this area. To exercise this area you can lift your head back to look upwards at the ceiling, then you should extend your lower jaw out (as if you want to bite your own nose). You will feel the stretch, hold this for 3 seconds and then complete 15 reps.

If you have put a few pounds on your cheeks then this exercise is perfect. By making repetitive e and o vowels with your mouth, exaggerating the movement you will work the cheeks well. This can also help to work out the jaw line.

Finally, in conjunction with your facial tone exercises it is possible to use other products. Some cosmetics will increase the production of collagen and these can be worthwhile. Also worthwhile are facial toning machines that through EMS microcurrent technology give the facial muscles a workout and encourage collagen production.

The above points have shown how it is possible to improve facial machines through manual exercising and also by using cosmetic products and facial toning machines.

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